Sasha Hakizimana joined Cabin John in March 2022 as our new bass player and vocalist. Although only the tender age of 11, she is already a competent bass player. She has studied with Joelle Tambe-Ebot, bass player for Cisco and the Racecars, and is carrying on the tradition of excellence and love of performing bluegrass music. Sasha represents a new generation. Sasha joined Jam Pak at 5 years of age playing first the canjo and finally choosing to play mandolin. She always loved the big bass and decided to play that too. She expressed that she likes being in Cabin John and getting to know the different personalities in a small band. She is looking forward to learning more songs and in a variety of keys and difficulty. Her sweet voice will already be heard in the traditional repertoire of Cabin John. Her favorite subject in school is Math.

Photo credit:  Fran Denancourt